WP4: Assessment of the different levels of Maritime Spatial Planning policies

Work Package 4  focused on the challenges and opportunities of combining national and trans-national MSP approaches with respect to accomodating the promotion of offshore renewable energy sources in European sea basins.

Moreover, the objective of Work Package 4 was to provide final project recommendations aimed at facilitating a better coordination of Maritime Spatial Planning between Member States and for a better level of European integration. Coordination and integration and European level are  required in order to reach the 20% RES target in the EU by 2020, hereby developing offshore renewable energy.

Please click on the links below to download the reports:

D4.1 Report on barriers and options to remove barriers arising when moving from a national to a cross-border MSP approach

D4.2 Report on spatial demands and degree of conflict in different sea basins

D4.3 Report on potential benefits of integrated MSP ( Cross-Border MSP Case Study)

D4.4 Final project recommendations on how to overcome MSP obstacles to the deployment of marine renewable energies

Work Package Leader


Karina Veum: veum(@)ecn.nl